Real Estate Marketing Agent Course in Nepal


We have been conducting Real Estate Marketing Agent (REMA) course since 2009 to develop trustworthy, professional and trained agents in the market. The course will not only certify them as agents but also enhance their capabilities significantly as well as cultivate ethics in real estate business. We have accomplished 16th REMA course and graduated 195 REMA Agents.

BI has initiated a step to establish recognized real estate professionals similar to medical, technical and academic professionals.


With the philosophy “Knowledge is not Private Property” Brihat Investments Pvt Ltd (BI) has initiated Real Estate Marketing Agent course. Brihat Investments Pvt. Ltd. embraces the professional thinking of 3 REs i.e Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Partnering for Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Marketing Agent (REMA). The REMA- course was primarily organized to direct focus on and to transfer knowledge about the sustainable growth of the real-estate sector in Nepal under moral obligations and institutional standards.

The REMA course was designed after realizing the need of the Real Estate Market Scenario. First REMA course was conducted in May 2009. After accomplishing first REMA course successfully, BI is encouraged to conduct such training continuously. In affiliation with “Thai Real Estate Business School,” for the first time in Nepal, Brihat Investments (BI) Pvt. Ltd had conducted the Second Real Estate Marketing Agent (REMA) Course.

The company believes to create a new revolution for the participants of this training session in terms of their real estate career. While gaining crucial expertise in terms of Real Estate Marketing, participators for the session acknowledged the session’s importance to further enhance their career in real estates.

BI had organized this real estate marketing agent course with the aim to establish this profession via transferring the knowledge and experience from real estate expert to the participants.

Why REMA Course?

Finding a job as a real estate agent is easy, but becoming a successful real estate agent requires knowledge, skill, and information on real estate. REMA course will support you to develop a new dimension in your career while simultaneously developing new networks.

1.To give you a head start in the real estate market, through this course you will be able to :
2. Share experiences with successful real estate expert or agent who can suggest a roadmap for you
3. Gain knowledge on skills required to be a successful real estate agent and set aside goals.
4. Distinguish the difference between building bylaws and construction from real estate law and practices in Nepal.
5. Get insights on various home loans and insurance schemes
6. Enhance your real estate market knowledge and ability to evaluate the property in the current market scenario
7. Acquire knowledge on real estate marketing and sale tools and techniques.

The course contents of REMA are being updated every time after the recommendations of REMA's latest batch's participants. However, major course contents remains the same with few modifications as per the requirements. If you're considering a real estate career, plan to take a real estate marketing course before seeking your first customer.

Who could be the participants of this course?

Anyone who is interested to develop a real estate career, buying and selling the property, and invest in real estate.

How to involve in this course?

BPS publish REMA announcement every three months in social media and in the website. Anyone can register their name during REMA course announcement; OR, can register earlier for the next immediate course.