Multiple Listing Services

An Individual seller having no network and prior experience of selling properties are prone to various scams. BPS multiple listing service (MLS) ensures both fast and secure property transaction for both seller and buyer. 

Through BPS's vast network and unmatchable experience on handling properties, both sellers and buyers can enjoy their investment stress free once a simple form is filled. How relieving is that.

A new concept in Nepal, where properties on sales are listed in Multiple Listing System (MLS) via various sources. MLS is a system that helps buyers and sellers act accordingly and make an informed decision. BPS provides opportunity for sellers and buyers to contact the company for selling and buying properties. Trained, and trustworthy real estate professional are the seller/buyer agent of the company.

MLS offers a wide data collection and provides the specifications of each home that are structurally sound and legally secured. This will help buyers to purchase home based on correct information such as location, amenities, number of rooms, area of the house etc. 

MLS For the Sellers

BPS facilitates sellers by selling their property in reasonable market price without any difficulties. It follows a simple procedure for listing and selling properties.


The Procedure:

1. After a seller comes with the purpose of selling their property along with the respective properties' legal document a contract is formed between BPS and the seller stating the fees and other mutual conditions disclosed both to the seller and BPS. Each party will have a copy of the contract.
2. A team of experts is then sent to analyze the property for location, structural damages.
3. When both the steps above are standardized, BPS lists the property through its vast network of websites, on the ground sources, newspaper ads and other various promotional sources. It also circulates the properties to Real Estate Marketing Agents (REMAs).
4. Thereafter when a potential buyer calls in, BPS completely handles the process themselves through their own professionalism and within a matter of days the property is sold.
5. Sellers also have the facility to delist the property

(For detailed policy on listing/delisting mechanism please refer to the document attached, download)


MLS For The Buyers

For the buyer, BPS shows multiple sites for sale according to their individual requirements. The thorough examination of the property whilst selling, for structural damages and legal documents ensures a secure and reliable transaction.


The Procedure:

1. The buyer contacts BPS marketing agent to buy property listed in Multiple Listing Services; is inquired for the type and condition of the property they are looking for.
2. After showing certain interest for a property type the buyer is then guided to the location for examination of the property where his queries are met.
3. When the buyer is ready to buy the books the property by filling a buyer form and paying 10-15% of total property valuation (rates vary case-to-case).
4. A contract is then signed within a week from the date of booking by paying 40-50% of total amount to BPS with the remaining amount to be paid after 30days or on the date of property transfer.
5. As soon as the payment is completed the transfer will be made. BPS will provide home loan facilities if required.

(For detailed policy on buying process please refer to the document attached,download)


Benefits of MLS

1. Maximum exposure of the properties on sale.
2. Easy access for seller to list properties.
3. Easy accessfor buyer to buy properties as per the requirement from varieties of choice.
4. Quick response to address queries, visiting, organizing, providing information, dealing and transferring.
5. Professional service from listing to selling and buying process without any hassle.