Property Management

Property management focuses on managing and monitoring the operations of a residence, housing (community living), apartments, commercial and industrial properties.

Individuals who are unable to manage their property mostly due to their busy schedule and lack of expertise tend to outsource with a service company and get professional operation services. Operations includes buying, selling, renting and leasing are impossible to imagine without a good property management skill.

Types of services that we provide in Property Management

1. Rental Management
2. Operational Management
3. Utilities payment
4. Up keeping the properties (House Keeping)
5. Repair & Maintenance
6. Security
7. Inspection of the property


Our Clients:

1. Punya Mansion, Dillibazar (Commercial Building)
2. AnamnagarHouse (Residential cum Commercial Building)
3. Brihat Community Living, Ramkot (Housing)


Knowledge and skill required for Property Management

Property Management is not easy; it is a serious business after all. The success of property operations depends on a professional property manager. One may have a beautiful house and wonderful credit score, but if you hire a property manager who is not experienced in the sphere he/she manages, it is likely to fail on the market. A successful property manager should:

1. Have knowledge on the laws related to real estate and have confidence in applying the laws.
2. Be willing to continually do the best to maximize the return on investment
3. Be focused on target goal
4. Have good communicative, sociable skill along with a determination in achieving goals
5. Be organized and smarthandle and work out deals at the highest level

Property Management is not just collecting the rent; it is a comprehensive management service where one needs a professionally trained human resource. BPS, has an experienced property management team. We provide them training, which is important to keep abreast of changing legislation and market condition.


How we provide our services:

1. Identify what client wants to do with that particular property.
2. Develop a strategy that will maximize their investment value.
3. Identify the right human resource for the service.
4. Calculate the cost and the financial resource as per the requirement.
5. Property appraisal, responses to maintenance issues is concluded.
6. Contact and communicate with potential client(tenant) with regular follow up is made.
7. Negotiation for rental charge.
8. Regular communication with the client (tenant).
9. Finalization of deal and live into operation.
10. Take care of the accounting and provide regular financial statement to client.


Duty and Responsibilities of team:

1. Marketing continuously
2. Careful Tenant Selection
3. Assuring property in good condition
4. Updating frequently with the clients and the tenants
5. Providing Emergency Services
6. A system for success (Taking care of all the documentation and processes seriously)
7. Timely rental collection
8. Build and maintain harmony with the tenants
9. Regular inspection of the property
10. Transparent account keeping