Selling a property can sometimes be a hassle since it is a big decision. It requires proper preparation. We, at Brihat Property Solutions are here to offer you tips on how to sell your property making it as stress-free and simple as possible. We recommend you follow the following tips:


Proper Valuation

You should have an aim of selling your property at possible best price in the shortest time possible. Our conduction of thousands of valuations per month gives us a reliable and exceptional knowledge of property values.


Valuation Arrangement


Step 1:

Agent selection

The real estate agent that you choose should possess a strong and high street exposure as well as the capability of supporting you with up-to-date technologies.

Brihat Property Solutions provide you with greater clearance, speed, and regulations with your property sale.


Step 2:

Instruct a legal agent

Professional legal agent and efficiency are the factors that a successful sale relies upon.

Real Estate Marketing Agent, or as we like to call here at Brihat Property Solutions, REMA have been thoroughly chosen for their professionalism, expertise and efficiency.


Step 3:

Presentation of property

As we know, the first impression counts as the last one, so the impression of your presentation of your property is critical to a successful sale.

You may consider exposing any do-it-yourself(s) you’ve been looking forward to getting done, or a fresh coat of paints where it seems essential or/and also try to get rid of unnecessary objects which would help make rooms look bigger.

Our team of experienced photographers will then take decent photographs and create floor plans.


Step 4:

Find a buyer

Finding a buyer is as stressful as it seems easy. To find a suitable one, your property requires as much exposure as possible on a vast media range.

After you inform Brihat Property Solutions to sell your property, we will provide you with the benefits from our unmatched, broad package, with the inclusion of wide exhibition on our website with promotions.


Step 5:

Viewings accompany

Viewings accompany mean we can make use of our expertise to help your property to sell as fast as possible. Our opening hours are enough and essential to broaden the exposure opportunities for your property.


Step 6:

Receiving the Offers

As soon as we find a buyer making an attractive offer on your property, we will then contact you and ask for additional to full details and/or any conditions otherwise, which would help you make the decision on whether you want to accept or not.


Step 7:

Accepting the suitable offer

As soon as you accept an offer, we take the following measures:

· Prepare a note of sale

· Make the confirmations of agreed price with both parties

· Ask you to make confirmations of your marketing agent’s details

Your agent then will send you a draft of the contract to the buyer's agent who then will take steps of introductory inquiries. This stage will make you be able to make date agreements for the visit on your property, We then send our professionals to visit your property to make necessary measurements, observations, and valuation. This will confirm the contract exchanging and completion date.

Our real estate marketing agent will counsel you and make necessary negotiations on behalf of you within this process.

No legal commitments are made until the contracts are properly signed.


Step 8:

Completion of the process

Completion of the process is when the remaining money is sent from the buyer's agent to your agent's account.

Your agent will then contact you when the money has been made clear in your account and thereafter inform us for releasing the keys.

Congratulations, on now successfully selling your property!