Buying property in Nepal is usually a hassle to a lot of people since its filled with big transactions and not all the clients are trustworthy with such big kind of business. With Brihat, we provide you with a stress-free transaction, trustworthy realtors and easy made business. We have qualified and professional dealers with higher standard values and who follow a strict set of behaving rules. We believe our provision of financial solutions are the best and we provide the following benefits to you:


Large Selection Of Property:

We have many and new properties registered with us weekly through which you can conclude that we have got just what you're seeking for. We give you with the analysis of different properties in the market that allows you the freedom and flexibility of easily choosing the best property according to your requirements.



We are available to you whenever and wherever required. We have our website provided to you and our phones are reachable to you when needed. We are also available in most used social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and you will be able to connect with us whenever you have queries.


Professional Estate Agents:

We have qualified and professional real estate agents who offer you the best knowledge of the locality and provide expert advice on any community while selling properties and buying properties in Nepal.


Mutual Online Search:

You will be able to search for a property on Brihat with the basis of the specific attribute of lifestyle including views, facilities, and desire. You can bookmark your favorite real estate properties in Nepal and make more searches and the best part is you don't have to be physically available at the spot. You can do it all on your own virtually through online searches.



Brihat is one of the best and the most trustworthy real estate agent in Nepal making it easy and hassle free for you to buy and sell properties in Nepal through professional real estate agents in Nepal.